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Starting Date: 15 May 2018

Ending Date: 12 Sep 2018

Community Rating : 5.0/5.0(3)

Expert Rating : 4.6/5.0


WeiCrowd is a powerhouse of data and human insights which aims to address these key challenges of the Token economy. It owns one of the largest token database and employs Big Data-AI, ML and Human Insights for real time signals. It’s the First of its kind unified platform for the Token economy. It has SEVEN Key modules - The WeiLauncher, The WeiFolio, The WeiCubator, The WeiX , The WeiScrow ,The WeiCap and The WeiScore. WeiCrowd Platform 1. WeiLauncher - Launch a Crowdsale in few days - Power of Automation 2. WeiFolio - Token Folio Management and Growth - Power of data driven insights 3. WeiCubator - Project Acceleration - Power of crowd-sourcing 4. WeiX - Liquidity - Power of decentralized community consensus 5 WeiScrow - Risk free funding - Power of smart contracts and community stake 6 WeiCap - SoftCap Assurance - Power of smart contracts and community insights 7 WeiScore - Token Quality and Crowdsale success - Power of Big Data, AI-ML, Human Insights The WeiCrowd Business Model We expect Tokens looking for End to End services to sign up with us. Global Startups looking to raise funds at affordable cost and aiming to hit the market early are ideal candidates. WeiCrowd will derive its profits by enabling end to end Token services and WeiCubator Services. The platform will retain a 4-6% success fee of total Token funds raised, plus 5-10% in Tokens. (Percentages will vary as per actual Terms and conditions for each Token) The platform will provided APIs and White label options to Startups who want such options for their sites. WeiCubators as a strategic asset will be the key driver of the ecosystem and value of WEIS. WeiCubators will allow external parties to use its services in lieu of WEIS. WeiCrowd Technology Stack 1. Big Data, AI and Machine Learning for Investing and Recommendations 2. Smart Contract Platform (Ethereum, Wave, NEM etc) 3. Interactive White Paper Writing Platform 4. Automated Bounty Platform 5. APIs and White label Access


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Start Date

15 May 2018

End Date

12 Sep 2018

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USA & China



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    Ravi Chamria

    Co Founder/All Things Technology

    Tapash Sinha

    Co Founder/All Things Marketing

    Ed Rowland

    Head -Crypto Analytics

    Paul Kirch

    Head - Market Research